What Does Your Membership Help Us Do for You?

1) The Clear Lake Association (CLA) produces a regular newsletter and maintain a website to
keep members (and, yes) non-members informed of lake related issues.

2) The CLA represents you and your interests with a variety of
organizations (ACLARA, Minnesota Waters, and others) that are concerned with the
quality of our lakes and our watershed.

3) The CLA is, first and foremost, concerned with improving the
quality of our lake. We’re working to determine how water quality can
be improved and will put those findings to action.

4) The CLA is on the frontlines to combat invasive species and to
keep them out of our waters.

5) The CLA monitors legislative activities and government actions
that can have a significant impact on lake use. Recent such actions
were the proposed Shoreline Use Restrictions.

6) The CLA is working with the DNR and Aitkin County in efforts to
improve our fishery.

7) The CLA works with the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office to keep our lake safe
for all lake users

8) The CLA is there to listen to your concerns and to address them as
appropriate. Contact us if you ever have an issue you believe should
be addressed.

These, and other benefits, are yours for only $20 a year. It’s a very
small investment in the future of our lake…