Membership Meeting Minutes

Clear Lake Association Spring 2023 Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2023 at the Snowmobile Club

Janet Kohlstedt called the meeting to order at 9:10am, Pledge of allegiance
Fall 2022 meeting minutes approved with Bill Feyo’s corrections
Certificates of appreciation awarded to many volunteers and do-gooders by Janet K
Today’s meeting agenda approved
Treasury Report by Ken Horns
Balance is approximately $7,000
40 members needed to support our $800/yr annual budget.
Budget items include: 4th of July Boat Parade prizes ($100) , MN Lakes & Rivers Association
membership & website hosting ($210), Aitkin County Lakes and Rivers Association membership ($25),
water testing ($150) meeting room donation ($100).
Bill F. explained that we need a large balance in the bank in case we need to mitigate zebra
mussels or other invasive species
The membership voted to keep prize amounts and snowmobile club donations as is.
It was suggested to put some of our bank balance into a high yield CD. Good discussion. Theresa
will talk to Kenny. The membership voted to empower the treasurer to invest $6,000 in this

Committee Reports (if present) and who is in charge
ACLARA – Janet K, Outdoor Schools for All 6-8th grades, Long Lake Conservation Center. River and
Lakes Fair is 6/17 9am-2pm with vendor booths. Janet will post on FB
Auditing – 2 signatures needed
Boat Parade – Greg/Rick Sunday, 7/2 2pm route is changing this year, decorate your dock
Boat Access Monitoring – Bill & Dave Akin, Dave will assume responsibility
Community Spirit – Jen Perkins (no activity, no report)
Facebook – Reyna and Mary Please send info and fun happenings to Mary
Fish Stocking – Bill F Every other year the lake is stocked with 100-150K walleye and other
fingerlings 4-6”. Bruce from Aitkin DNR is in charge. Lynn Kohlsteadt to report on fish in the lake.
Get the Lead Out – Dave Akin will lead. Lead tackle kills loons. Lead recycling is available. Bring lead tackle to lakeshore meetings.
Hospitality – Pat and Fran will continue at meetings
Instagram – Kelley to coordinate with Mary and Facebook
Invasive species monitoring – Bill F. If your boat leaves the lake, wash it and leave in the sun for 5 days. Rinsing does not work. Gull and Bay Lakes are contaminated. Spirit Lake has a boat
washing station. Open every weekend.
Lakeshore Score your Shore – Marie and Tyler Goal is to have the best transition from land to
water & prevent nutrients and other pollutants from running into the lake. Booklets, training avail.
Loon Watch – DNR Clear Lake not listed this year. Dave Akin will volunteer, Theresa can help.
Membership – Chris Akin. Need brochure, keep meeting dates as is, tell neighbors, word of mouth.
Add Venmo or Zelle as payment options. Members need to convey to their visitors our “protect the
lake” vibe.
Kayak Regatta (people powered) – Janet – need new coordinator.
Roads – Glen Township Roads Supervisor is Charlie Christensen . Had long discussion on why only
half the lake is paved, dust control, speed limits with Vikki
Safety – more needs to be done to promote boat safety and rules. Posting signs was suggested.
Report issues to the sheriff
Velliger Testing – Bruce Brown and Bill F.
Water Clarity – Gary Miesser Water quality is improving
Water Level – Fran & Dave Akin Water level is up 5” as of 5/23/23
Website – Rick H and Kelley R.
Wildlife – otters, bear
Welcome Committee – Chris Akin to follow up
4th of July Parade – Bill Feyo and Sheriff Guida. Parade ends at Hwy 47
Road Cleanup – Fran 2 mile stretch, weather permitting, Rick Mikkelson, Theresa will post to FB,
Rick McN will help with bags and vests.

Approved Bylaw Changes and Updates with Janet and Marie
Dues due by June 1st to be a member in good standing
Board of Directors can meet in person and virtually
Reduce percent of members, 20% of members can call a special meeting
Elections – 2 year terms
Removed “in writing and signed”
Directors need to be members in good standing to vote

Other Business
Membership dues to remain at $20/year
Fire ring at public landing – NO
More signage needed with DNR rules. Chris Akin will look into it. More picnic tables needed,
investigate recycled plastic
A bench is coming to the landing, made by a local student
Aitkin High School student will clean landing area
Fika Coffee Social at Clear Lake Gardens the last Sunday each month from 10-noon
Aitkin Summer Farm Festival at Clear Lake Gardens Sunday 8/6/23 11am-3pm

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 am.

Fall Meeting
The Fall meeting will be held at 9am, Saturday, September 2, 2023 at the Snowmobile Club (to be

Current Officers
President – Janet Kohlstedt
Vice President – Marie Pedigo
Treasurer – Ken Horns
Secretary – Kelley Rajala
At Large – Leslie Gamez