ACLARA – Janet K
Boat Parade – Greg/Rick
Boat Access Monitoring – Dave Akin
Community Spirit – Jen Perkins
Facebook – Reyna and Mary
Fish Stocking – Bill F
Get the Lead Out – Dave Akin
Hospitality – Pat and Fran
Instagram – Kelley to coordinate with Mary and Facebook
Invasive species monitoring – Bill F.
Lakeshore Score your Shore – Marie and Tyler
Loon Watch – Dave Akin will volunteer, Theresa can help.
Membership – Chris Akin.
Kayak Regatta – Volunteer needed
Roads – Glen Township Roads Supervisor is Charlie Christensen
Velliger Testing – Bruce Brown and Bill F.
Water Clarity – Gary Miesser
Water Level – Fran & Dave Akin
Website – Kelley R.
Welcome Committee – Chris Akin
4th of July Parade – Bill Feyo and Sheriff Guida
Road Cleanup – Fran & Rick McNevin will help with bags and vests.